Vibrotactile Metronome

The research paper in which I am primary author, entitled “Development of a Vibrotactile Metronome to Assist in Conducting Contemporary Classical Music”, was accepted to be presented at the 8th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2017). The conference is being held in Los Angeles, California 17-21 July 2017.

The work presented in the paper outlines the early development of the project I’m working on for my M.A. thesis in Music Technology.

Here’s the abstract from the paper.

Abstract. Contemporary classical music conductors are often required to perform music that requires a click track for accurate tempo following. Auditory click tracks can be obtrusive as they block an ear and interfere with the conductor’s perception of the music being performed. We propose a device and framework that uses the tactile sense to provide a similar functionality. We outline the unique requirements such a system would require gathered from interviews with an expert conductor. A series of prototypes were developed and presented to the conductor in order to design a device to meet these requirements. A test conducted to verify the current system’s timing performance showed a mean error of 0.54% compared to the audio click track.

You can access the paper through Springer Link.