Help page for REST API project

Show supported Jukeboxes Shows all jukeboxes that are supported by a specified settingId. The initial representation, where no parameters are specified, shows some possible setting identifiers, their requirements, and a list of jukeboxes that support them. URL /testapi/v1/supported_jukeboxes/ Method GET URL Parameters Required settingId=[alphanumeric] Specifies the unique identifier of a setting. The settingId is used to retrieve the jukeboxes whose components match the requires of the setting. Note, if a setting has no requirements than all jukeboxes are returned. example: settingId=86506865-f971-496e-9b90-75994f251459 Optional model=[alphanumeric] Specifies the model name used to filter the resulting list of supported_jukeboxes to a particular model. Note, … Continue reading Help page for REST API project