The Batons

A new form of gestural controller, called ”The Batons” was designed as part of the project for the courses MUMT 619: Input Devices for Musical Expression and MUMT 620: Gestural Control of Sound Synthesis. The Batons are two wireless electronic devices that use accelerometers, force sensing resistors (FSR), and linear position sensors to gather input data. This input data is transmitted to a base station connected to a laptop computer. The data is then taken in and made available on a distributed mapping network created using the libmapper software library. This data can then be mapped to sound synthesis parameters of any synthesizer connected to this same distributed mapping network. The Batons can then be used to gesturally control this synthesizer and become a digital musical instrument (DMI).

Two reports were written detailing The Batons:

  • MUMT619 Project Report details the hardware design process and the input devices used to develop the controller. The resulting gestural controller is discussed and analyzed.
  • MUMT620 Project Report analyzes The Batons as a gestural controller and provides insight into certain mappings that were done to create a DMI with this controller.